2019 Derby




Eligibility, Participation, and Duration


  1. Any person, in good standing, may participate.
  2. Participation occurs when an entry ticket is purchased and validated, as provided in these rules. Each participant must be present at the time and place the entry ticket is purchased.
  3. All participants must possess a 2019 Alaska Sport Fishing License, and required stamps, or be legally entitled to fish without a license and stamps.
  4. The derby shall commence at 12:01AM, June 14, 2019 and closes on June 16th, all fish must be at the designated weigh in station during posted hours and be present no later than 8:00 PM. The derby shall re-open at 12:01 AM on June 21st and close on June 23rd, all fish must be weighed in during posted hours and be present no later than 8:00 PM.
  5. Participants may fish from a boat or shore. Only participants may fish in a boat. Non-participants may not fish but can be along as observers. If a non-participant fishes from a boat, all persons in the boat are disqualified. All participants must have at least one witness with them during fishing and the same witness when presenting a fish at weigh in. This witness may be another participant or an observer, (this person must be over the age of 12 years).
  6. Electric, hand downriggers, and hydraulic gurdies are allowed. No weight over 20 lbs. is allowed.  Participants may not fish outside the boundary areas during open derby hours.
  7. All participants are strongly encouraged to obey U.S.Coast Guard boating regulations, pay close attention to weather and sea conditions, and practice safe boating. With the purchase of a derby ticket the participant acknowledges there are water related dangers in fishing and they assume  all responsibility for their individual health and safety.

Entry Fee and Tickets


  1. Each participant, regardless of age, must possess an entry ticket prior to the time fishing occurs. Only participants are eligible for prizes.
  2. The price for an entry ticket is $30.
  3. Entry tickets become valid when the entry fee, (ticket price) is paid, the selling agent countersigns the ticket, and the date and time of purchase is stated on the ticket.
  4. A ticket, once valid, remains valid for the duration of the derby.


Eligible Fish


  1. The participant’s entry ticket must be presented with the fish the participant seeks to enter in the derby. Fish may be entered at an authorized weigh-in station. Authorized receiving station(s) will be identified within these rules. A weigh in ticket will be completed stating the weight of the entered fish. Only fresh, unfrozen King Salmon will be accepted and are eligible for prizes.
  2. Participants may enter more than one fish in the derby.  All entered fish must be taken in a manner, location, and time permitted by the Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations. The participant’s sport fishing license and any required stamps must be submitted for inspection with the fish.
  3. Only gutted & gilled fish will be weighed at the time it is entered. Entered fish remain the property of the participant. Prizes will be awarded solely on the basis of weight of the entered fish.
  4. If the person receiving a fish for entry in the derby has a reasonable suspicion that the fish was not taken in a manner specified within State Fishing Regulations or derby rules, the person shall notify the participant that his entry is challenged and

the reason for the challenge shall be set forth in writing.   If information is brought to a derby official causing a reasonable suspicion of a rule or regulation violation, after weigh in, the fish will be challenged. Within two days from the date of the challenge is made, a hearing shall be held before three derby officials who shall hear evidence and determine the validity of the challenge. If the challenge is valid, the fish will not be entered and the applicant will be disqualified from further participation in the derby. Reasonable notice shall be given to the participant, or to the boat owner on which he fished, before the hearing is held. The decision of the officials is final.

  1. Fish entered in any other Derby may not be entered in the Pelican King Salmon Derby.




Waters of Lisianski Inlet, Lisianski Strait, Stag Bay, and the coastal waters of Yakobi Island within one mile of the beach are open. Waters north of a line from Column Pt. to Cape Spencer are not open for the purposes of this derby.




Purchase your $30 entry ticket from Lisianski Inlet Café.




The Salmon Way Inn at the top of the harbor ramp. Weigh-in hours 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on derby days or as posted; all fish must be at the weigh-in site by 8:00 PM.




The Pelican Chamber of Commerce will not be responsible for any prizes donated by merchants and not given as pledged. The donors set the values of prizes. Taxes on prizes are the responsibility of the individual winners.


Prizes shall be awarded in numerical order, according to the winner’s standing as determined by individual fish weight. In cases of a tie, the earliest fish entered will receive the higher standing.


Prizes will be awarded during the week following the derby at a time and place to be announced before the derby ends. Winners must be present or have a representative present; otherwise the prizes or prize certificates will be forfeited to the Chamber.