City Hall Contact information

Mail: PO Box 737, Pelican, AK 99832 
Telephone: 907-735-2202 
Fax: 907-735-2258 
Pelican is organized as a First Class City form of government, there is a Mayor and City Council consisting of six members. The City Departments and representatives are:
Public Works : Position vacant , 907-735-2202
Harbormaster : Linda Ady and Amber Strahm , 907-735-2202 
Health Clinic : Kate Landers
City Clerk : Position vacant
Village Public Safety Officer : vacant position, open for application,  
contact Jason Wilson at: 907-723-7354 or Email:

Mayor Walt Weller

Phone: 907-735-2202

City Treasurer Cindy Beamer

City Clerk : Position Vacant

City Council Members

Chuck Keizer

Derek Stewart

Mike Allard

Patricia Phillips

Sandra Quinn

Kelly Carbone

Health Clinic

The Pelican Health Center is a unique collaboration between the City of Pelican, owner of the facility, and SouthEast Regional Health Consortioum (SEARHC), who provides supplies, a limited pharmacy and staffs the clinic.
Staff includes Rural Clinical Assistant, Kate Landers and Director/Provider, Carole Knuth, PA-C, MPH.
The clinic is staffed most days from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. with monthly provider field clinics (dates vary). Telemedicine appointments are available with the primary care provider, behavior health, ancillary services, specialists and in an emergency.
Other services include Dental 4 times per year and Public Health Nurse twice a year.
A volunteer EMS squad is maintained thru the City with support from SEARHC. 911 calls are covered by EMS or clinic staff 24/7.


President: Norm Carson, 907-735-2460,


Vice-President: Mini Reink,


Secretary & Treasurer: Linda Carson, 907-735-2460 ,



Contact information:

Mail: PO Box 90, Pelican, AK 99832

Phone: 907-735-2236

Fax: 907-735-2263


The Pelican School offers programs K-12, a State aligned curriculum, career ready studies, migrant tutoring, Indian education, special education related services, and health screenings.


Superintendent : Position Vacant

Interim Superintendent : Betty Walters

K-12 Principal/Teacher :  De'Borah Snoderly

Migrant Ed :  De'Borah Snoderly

Business Manager : Royce Mattson

Paraprofessional/Custodian : Linda Ady

The Pelican School offers programs K-12, a State aligned curriculum, career ready studies, migrant tutoring, Indian education, special education related services, and health screenings.

Pelican School Board
Kelly Chapman, President, Linda Allard, Vice President, Jim Slater, Sec/Treasurer, and board members Cheryl Young, and Danielle Chapman.


Harbor Information

The Pelican Harbor is operated by the City of Pelican. The City has 98 berths, which includes permanent berthing spaces and transient moorage. Transient moorage rates range from $12 per day for boats under 80 feet to 40 cents per foot for boats 81 feet and over. Permanent moorage is $12 per foot per year; seasonal rates are offered. Electricity is available, as well as fresh water. A liquor store is located along the boardwalk towards the post office. The City also operates 4 tidal grids for boats up to 50 feet.

The City of Pelican operates the Pelican Fuel Dock, look at the “News” page on the toolbar for the latest fuel prices. It is the City’s goal to keep the fuel prices competitive with other communities. There is a marine repair business in town, diesel and gasoline engine repair, plus welding service is available.
Other amenities available are crushed ice and a Laundromat with public showers. The ice is located at the top of the ramp, prices are posted, and payment is made at City Hall. The Laundromat is to the left after reaching the top of the ramp; it is just past City Hall on the uphill side of the boardwalk.  

There is a Harbormaster on duty Monday through Friday; contact on Channel 6 or 16. The Harbormaster’s office is located to the left at the top of the harbor ramp.


City of Pelican: (907)735-2202
Port Fax : (907)735-2258
VHF Channels 16 & 9