Alaska Seaplanes 

Alaska Seaplanes 

Physical Address : Juneau International Airport 1873 Shell Simmons Dr. , Suite 110 Juneau AK 99801 

Mailing Address : Alaska Seaplanes – 8907 Yandukin Dr. ,Juneau AK 99801

Owners : Mike Stedman & Kent Craford

Phone : 907-789-3331 Juneau or 907-735-2244 Pelican

Email :

Web :

Alaska Seaplanes provides year round scheduled passenger, mail and freight service to Pelican from their base in Juneau.  We serve 11 communities in Northern Southeast from our base in Juneau.  Our seaplane fleet include 3 DeHaviland Beavers, 2 C-206’s and an Amphibious C-208 – Caravan.  Our current schedule and 24/7 online booking is available on our website at  Does our schedule not suit your needs?  Ask us about charter possibilities. Whether it's meeting a boat, getting dropped off at a lake, cabin or a glacier flightseeing trip, our friendly, professional and experienced staff can tailor a flight to meet your needs.

Jerue & Smith Transport

Jerue & Smith Transport

Address : Box 211434 Auke Bay, AK 99821-1434
Owners/Operators : Greg & Donica Jerue , Craig & Donita Smith

Phone : 907-723-9811 

Email :


We transport freight to and from Pelican in our cargo vans via the Alaska Marine Highway System.

Pacific Fishing, Inc

Pacific Fishing, Inc

Address : 3371 Inlet St. PO Box 109 Pelican, AK 99832

Owners/Operators : James E. & Patricia A. Phillips

An Alaskan commericial fishing enterprise. Our vessel is the F/V Pacific Dawn, homesport Pelican, Alaska. We Specialize in harvesting sablefish, halibut and tanner crab.
Northstar Networking

Northstar Networking

Address : Box 56 Pelican, AK 99832 or Box 324 St. Paul, AK 99660

Owners: Jim & Connie Newman

Phone : 907-723-1952 or 907-723-0704 
Cellular : 907-546-3151 or 907-546-3337

Email :


We provide technical support, professional consulting  coaching, and administrative mentoring.
Sharpening Center

Sharpening Center

Address : 4424 Ichabod Juneaum AK 99801 or 1111 Salmon Way Pelican, AK 99832

Owner: Ed Kalwara

Phone : JNU 907-789-0036 PEL: 907-735-2460


If it had an edge, I will sharpen it. Specializing in power saw chains; carbide skill saw blades, knives, scissors, etc. A variety of power saw chain is on hand to make new chains for your saw. Mail order or drop off/pick up at the Juneau airport. Call for details and pricing.
Pelican Pics

Pelican Pics

Address : PO Box 98 Pelican, AK 99832

Owner: Linda Carson

Phone : 907-735-2460 Cellular : 907-321-1950

Email :

Local photographs, note cards, and bookmarks by a native-born Alaskan. Custom cards with your boat, house, family, etc. upon request. A wide variety of Pelican vicinity scenery, including Bald Eagles, Rufous Hummingbirds, Puffins, Blue Heron, Humpback and Orca whales, Sea Otter, Harbor Seal, Brown Bear, etc. are on file. Annually we produce a calendar using a nostalgic photo for each month from Pelican’s past; let us know if you want one by November 1st. We also host small groups for outdoor photography and workshops.
Southeast Alaska Real Estate

Southeast Alaska Real Estate

Address : 8585 Old Dairy Road #102, Juneau, AK 99801

Owner: Debbie White, Broker/Owner

Office: 907-789-5533 Cellular : 907-723-9886 Fax: 907-789-5504


Serving Southeast Alaska since 1999. Small towns deserve professional representation too!

Apex El Nido Gold Mines, Inc. 

Owners/Operator: Joe Henri, President
Address :
PO Box 210556 Anchorage, AK 99521-0556
Email :

Phone : 907-279-1493 Fax : 907-279-4785


This mine is located across from Pelican on Chichagof Island; investment capital is needed. This mine has already produced a documented 18,000 ounces of gold. The geology is similar to other coast range gold mines; the Bralorne in B.C. produced 2.8 million ounces and the Hirst-Chichagof just south of this mine produced 800,000 ounces. The Apex El Nido gold mine is available for option, more information is available at

Yakobi Fisheries LLC

Address : PO Box 13 Pelican, AK 99832

Owner: Seth & Anna Stewart

Phone : 907-735-2499 5/1 thru 10/1 Cellular : 907-209-1053 rest of the year

Email :

Web :


We offer sport fish processing, packaging, freezing, and shipping. We offer custom processing to commercial fishermen interested in direct marketing their own catch. We sell a variety of seafood products and can ship anywhere in the world “from the icy, pristine waters of Alaska straight to your plate.”

Breseman’s Liquor Store

Address : 207 Salmon Way, Pelican, AK 99801

Owner: Clint & Cheyenne Bean

Phone : 907-735-2213

We sell convenience store items; pop, chips, candy bars, along with an array of liquor, wines, and beer.  We are located right above the harbor to left as one walks up the ramp.  While we do not accept checks or credit cards, we do have an ATM machine on premises.

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Next Electric

Address: Alaska Electrical Administrator #1611

Owner: Walt Weller

Phone : 907-735-2235

Email : 


Licensed, Bonded and Insured Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrical Contractor