News From City Hall February 2019

Here are highlights of ongoing projects and information:

  • The Boardwalk Project is underway and expected to be completed in May.  There are presently three local hires working on the project.
  • Building renovations are in progress on the Yakobi Fisheries building and the former PCS freezer building.  Weather delays and a shortage of labor have delayed work.
  • The Fuel Dock project has been awarded to Trucano Construction of Juneau and should be completed in June.
  • Work has begun on repairing the ice bin and it will be ready for the commercial season.
  • The City is renovating an apartment for use by Hoonah Cold Storage staff this fishing season; their onsite agent, Keith Heller, will be returning in March.
  • Upgrades are in the works at the former crab plant where Yakobi Fisheries will be expanding operations.
  • Controlled Power Inc. and the Alaska Energy Authority will be upgrading the computer controllers for the City’s electrical distribution system in March.
  • A VPSO has been hired by Tlingit & Haida.  Bob Adams is on the job, he will be departing soon to attend the Public Safety Academy in Sitka.  Bob’s wife, Jessica, will arrive on the March ferry with their 4 children. Bob’s primary job focus will be on EMS issues and Fire Protection.

Pelican Chamber of Commerce News February 2019

The Chamber welcomes a new member and the community a new business in the form of Apex Lodge and Charters.  The owners are Ephraim Lohrey and Shane Ring. The lodge is located just northwest of the former Pelican Cold Storage and across from the site of the Apex & El Nido Gold mine.  The 5,000 square foot building has been under construction and will be open for business for the 2019 fishing season.

The Pelican King Salmon Derby opening weekend will be June 14, 15, & 16 and the final weekend will be June21, 22, & 23.  The awards night at Community Hall is June 28. Complete Derby rules may be found on the Activities page of this website.