Pelican Chamber of Commerce News January 2021 - Norm Carson

  • The PCC was very much in a holding pattern during most all of 2020 due to the pandemic.  We canceled the 16th King Salmon Derby that would have been held in June.

  • The PCC had sufficient funds in the checking account to waive disbursement shares from the City for bed tax and Community Charter Halibut Permit leases.  Further the PCC waived member dues for FY 21.  Recently the Board of Directors has voted to not request a bed tax share in FY22.

  • The purpose of the PCC is to promote the business community of Pelican as a whole; the main means of accomplishing this is through this website, www.pelican.net.  Various businesses within Pelican and outside of Pelican can join the PCC and by paying a higher membership rate have a link to their business website.  The PCC has members from Pelican, Juneau, and Anchorage.

  • Business members outside of the Pelican city limits have never received any benefit from the PCC other than a weblink and their business listed as a member.  Any statement that businesses outside of Pelican receive most of the benefit from the shares of the bed tax and CCHPs lease is a complete and total misrepresentation of the facts.

  • Over the years the PCC utilized funds received from its share of bed tax and CCHP leases to fund community items such as $5500 to the Community Playground Equipment Fund, purchases of harbor carts, harbor signs, an oversize television and new chairs & tables for the community hall.  The PCC purchased the screening material for the dumpster cage at the harbor and PCC volunteers installed it.  The PCC has made donations to the library, fire department, and the school. 

  • The PCC is asking the City Council to consider the advisability of conducting a King Salmon derby in June 2021.  Later this spring we will ask for an advisory vote of the City Council on this subject.

News From City Hall - February 2021 - Norm Carson

  • Fuel Dock prices:  #1 Diesel is $3.62/gal, #2 Diesel is $3.70/gal, Gas is $3.68/gal, propane is $1.71/lb.
  • City of Pelican, Treasurer Jessica Adams resigned.
  • Mayor Walt Weller submitted a letter of resignation effective May 1, 2021, for health reasons.