Clinic Update

The clinic is closed for daily services but telephone of video telemedicine appointments can be made by calling 907.966.8752. Information can be obtained by calling the same number.

Public Notice

The City of Pelican will hold a public hearing during the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting on November 13th, 2019 regarding our response to the Hoonah Xunaa Borough Petition. Legal council has already been contacted to review the petition.
As few people will be physically available we will have teleconferencing capabilities for the hearing, but I would like to reach out for public input in addition to those available for the meeting.
I am asking anyone with personal and/or business interest in Pelican to send a letter (City Hall PO Box 737, Pelican, 99832) or an e-mail ( to; cityassistant@pelicancity.org ) to be included in the hearing, specifically;
Are you for or against the proposed Hoonah Xunaa Borough Formation Petition (  HXBFP )?
What are your primary reasons for supporting or objecting to the HXBFP?
Do you believe that the City of Pelican should use all means at our disposal to stop the annexation of the Lisianski Strait and Inlet and Yakobi Island by Hoonah?
What additional information would you like to access regarding the HXBFP?
Thank you to all for your input,
Walt Weller, Mayor

News From City Hall - July 2019, (Norm Carson)

News briefs from City Hall:
  • The Boardwalk Project has been completed, the underpinnings are now replaced.
  • Yakobi Fisheries has re-occupied their building after a winter recess and are now buying and processing fish. The company is in need of seasonal help; call or drop by if you are interested in even part-time employment.
  • The Fuel Dock Project has been completed by Trucano Construction; new pilings, ladders, and a service float are in place.
  • The Hoonah Cold Storage Agent now has use of a renovated apartment above the former general store.
  • The commercial ice machine is up and running; fishing boats are being supplied with ice.
  • Roof replacement is continuing on the fish house.
  • Lattieca Stewart has accepted a full time appointment as City Clerk; rumor has it she brought her fillet knife with her from Yakobi Fisheries, so be careful arguing with the ladies behind the counter!
  • VPSO Bob Adams had to leave the January Academy due to a flare up of an injury incurred with his service in  Afghanistan.  Bob will now be leaving Pelican to attend the September Academy at Sitka; we wish him well and look forward to his return.
  • Jessica Adams has accepted the position of City Treasurer.
  • The Community Playground fundraiser has been successfully completed; the equipment will arrive later this summer.
  • The Fuel Dock summer hours are:  Monday thru Saturday, 8-11 am and 4-7 pm and Sundays 4-7 pm.  Prices are: #1 Diesel $4.08, #2 Diesel $3.86, Unleaded Gas $4.33, and Propane $1.59 per pound.

Pelican Chamber of Commerce News - July 2019, (Norm Carson)

  • The 16th Pelican King Salmon Derby sponsored by the Chamber went off without a hitch, see the details on the Activities & Accommodations page.  Special thanks to Bob & Jessica Adams for manning the weigh in station every evening.  Acknowledgement is due Tom Andrews and Kate Landers for allowing the weigh in station to occur outside their front door.  Danielle Stewart for being the “MC” on awards night.  Huge thanks to Linda Carson for doing all the administrative work involved with obtaining a Gaming License, typing up gift certificates, the prize list, the final derby standings, special drawing tickets, donation request letters, and last but not least, keeping the President of the Chamber organized.  We do need more volunteers to help at the weigh in station and solicit donations.
  • The Chamber donated a total of $5,500 to the Community Playground fund.  This donation would not have been possible without the Chamber receiving a share of the Bed Tax and the Community Charter Halibut Permit leases.  The Chamber expends its budget on advertising the community through this website, Fish Alaska Magazine, The Reel News, Alaska Magazine, and a membership in the Alaska Tourism Industry Association.  The Chamber makes donations to Pelican community causes as needed.
  • The membership dues notifications were recently mailed; please send them in within 30 days.